A new CEO for Sulake & Habbo Staff Changes

Hi Habbo’s!

Last month there have been changes to the HABBO staff team worldwide here and there. Since July 2018, employees of Sulake have signed an Orange Games contract instead of Elisa Oy. This is because Orange Games has recently been the new owner of Sulake after the purchase of the majority shares of Sulake.

This has also had consequences here and there. As you know, there are worldwide administrative staff available for the 9 hotels.




Finally, the Portuguese hotel continues to look forward to the possible return of Ladypimenta, a Habbo Staff who temporarily stopped working for Habbo. Through a statement she published a year ago, she announced her return roughly to this date. If this happens, SrHoshi can return to the Spanish hotel, where he now temporarily assists in the Portuguese hotel

New CEO: Vatekaru

Bron: HabboFever.be

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