Be aware of scam!

Dear Habbo’s,

Lately, there was again a form of scamming… This time a little bit scary, because the scammer was able to call the habbo user’s, and spoke for himself that he was working for sulake and was a part of the technical department .. Please read on this article.

Always have your Account Safety Lock *ON*,


You never know who you’re truly speaking to online, so never share your personal information! Giving away your personal info – real name, address,

phone numbers, photos or school – could lead to you being scammed, bullied or put in serious danger.


Never share your any of your personal details. This includes Facebook,

Twitter, Skype, Instagram and Snapchat info. You never know who might get their hands on it!

  1. Habbo staff will never contact you personally asking for your password. Habbo staff do not communicate with players via instant messenger or emails, phones and Staff never give out free Credits or furniture in this way.

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