Fansites from HabboPTBR have to say something…#GreveHabboFS

Since its inception, fan-sites have struggled to gain their space in the community. This took several years of effort from the thousands of users who decided to devote some of their precious time to making the game more fun. There are many functions of a fan-site: from publishing Habbo news (such as new badges and rare ones available) to entertaining your users through events and radio programming; we offer you lots of information and possibilities .

By 2013, some fan sites were raised to another level when they were declared official. Since then, we have acquired a number of rights – such as organizing activities that grant emblems on Habbo and being “publicized” by the game. But with great powers come great responsibilities: we are obliged to create all the material of the campaigns that we elaborate (like arts, histories, games and constructions). We also have the duty to meet the expectations of the staff, following worldwide standards regarding the organization of events, and, of course, we have to deal with a lot of user pressure, which is constant. Nowadays, one can not deny that we have become an inseparable element of this universe of pixels , so that it is impossible to imagine the Hotel without the existence of fan-sites.

The relationship between fan sites and the various staffs that have gone through Sulake over the past six years has been quite unstable: we have gone through several ups and downs, which is completely normal. Lately, however, our relationship has deteriorated excessively , making harmonious conviviality impossible. Faced with the situation, the official fan sites of the Luso-Brazilian community, together, see no other way out than to declare a strike and temporarily waive their rights and duties.

Top Problems

The new fan-site activity calendar, for example, was sent by the staff and had a week of events scheduled to begin on May 7. The responsible fan site then devoted an arduous effort to organize its activities – translated into various rooms, games, texts and competitions. Mysteriously, after the activity information was submitted for approval, there was no response from the staff. Weeks of hard work were absurdly thrown in the trash. The same thing happened to the subsequent fan site, responsible for the events of the week of May 14; the emails were being blatantly ignored! Putting an end to the silence, the staff sent everyone an e-mail that informed them at the time of the cancellation of all activities until the end of May, without presenting any plausible justifications.

The adversities faced by the teams of promoters during the elaboration of the activities are immense. Both the fan sites and the community want the weeks of events to be filled with fun and innovation. Faced with the limitations imposed by the staff, however, it is difficult to achieve this goal . The stipulation of strict rules made the activities somewhat monotonous: almost always consisting of some free games and two restricted promotions. Joint activities of the fan sites, which proved to be a success when elaborated, were unusually interdicted by the staffs.

Starting a strike is, yes, an extreme attitude. So we have a duty to make it clear to the community that nothing is being done hastyly . Since the beginning of the year, the fan sites have been trying to get in touch with the staff to improve their working conditions. We insist more than once on a respectable, affectionate and friendly tone – if the staffs are in doubt, just check your inbox. When sent emails were not simply ignored, the response came precarious and weeks too late .


Contact between fan-sites and staffs

Book of emblems

Disheartening is the word that defines the feeling of promoters who build beautiful rooms, create creative games and write ingenious texts, and at the end of the week’s event organization they are forced to use ugly and nonsensical badges available on the server . In order not to have to go through this misfortune, 

It is therefore doubly disheartening when a week of events is organized and the insignia that would be used by a fan site are used in other projects. We could not then again claim the right to reserve emblems that we intend to use in our campaigns – and to save efforts of the staff, we propose even that we are in charge of editing the control worksheet; to the staffs, it would be enough to consult it before assigning a badge to any project.

Greater dynamism in activities

It is complicated to use and abuse creativity in the face of so many limitations. It would be unfair to deny that many of the rules stipulated by the Luso-Brazilian staff follow international standards. We can not, however, conform to the imposition of some exclusive restrictions of our community, and that greatly compromise the dynamics of our weeks of events . What’s more, we claim that fan sites have the right to organize campaigns together again .

Until our claims are met, we will not develop any activity within Habbo , including free badge events. All six members of the Council of Official Fan Sites and their respective teams share the same point of view and collaborate with this strike:

Thanks for statements by the following Habbo PT/BR fansites: 

BeatsHabbo ColdHabbo  (Partner Of HabboHelpers) Habblindados HabboColor Habbonight (Partner Of HabboHelpers) ProHabbo

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