Global Helpdesk Building Competition

We are looking for a new helpdesk room on As you maybe know, we are working with our partner [HHD] Habbo Help Desk to set up a global helpdesk and bring it to the other 8 hotels. You can read more information about our project below

HHD & HabboHelpers first phase of the global helpers project!

Let’s go on to the competition and rules!

(remember, every user can take apart into this competition this means you can apply even when you are NOT from! AWESOME!)

So for our hub/helpdesk, we are looking for a slight looking good room. Not too big & not too small. Here are the recruitments;

  1. Must have colours, red, white & orange

  2. Contains a help desk.

  3. Able to chill 

  4. Drinks/foods can’t be missed out!

  5. Details make the work! (keys, Office supplies, letters)

you are allowed to build it with a maximum of 1 friend! Free Builders Club (BC) can be used.


  1. First place: Trophy, 1 Month BC & HC. 100 Coins

  2. Second place: Trophy, 14 days BC & HC. 65 Coins

  3. Third Place: Trophy, 14 days HC. 15 Coins

  4. Other winners: Trophy.

How to apply?

Sent your room link, Habboname & your friend’s one (If you build with your friend) & a screenshot (tip; Say “:Screenshot”) sent it over to with the subject: Helpdesk Building Competition

This global competition ends on 1th of September 2020

For questions, you can always ask us on Twitter!

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