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It’s time to take it back to old school Habbo with a mat maze / pod maze. The pods and mats are located in the air and can only be reached via 1 route. Find the correct mat or pod in order to continue to the next one. You have 5 minutes to make your way along the path of mats and pods. Once you’re finished, you must find the hidden stools within the lodge corners to make it to the imperial teleport.

There are many colours of pixel furni in the centre of this room. You must make your way through the maze to turn the furnis into the same colour. You can do this by sitting or stepping on the furni. At the left side you can see which furni still has to change colour. The tiles under these furnis are red. If a furni has the right color, the tile under the furni turns green. Once you’ve completed them all, Frank will let you know when the teleport is accessible.

Have you always wanted to be a master wirer? Watch the sequence and step on the wired boxes that were used to create it.

More than 1 player? Simply freeze your opponents to win!You can freeze people by double clicking the freeze tiles to throw a snowball (this will break blocks and freezes the opponent if they’re close enough.) By breaking blocks, you can collect power ups to gain immunity from being frozen or to throw more snowballs. On your own? Break the freeze blocks and make your way to the centre tile.

Oh no! The battery is dying on your device! You must guide the handyman across the network to fix the problem. You can do this by stepping on the arrow tiles. The red wireds can be rotated by using the lever. Electricity doesn’t mix well with some things, so make sure you avoid the puddles and the fire.

It’s time for a photoshoot in the woods but only some of the models are properly dressed. Walk across to the correctly aligned colour tile when the model is wearing the correct woodland attire. Then click on the camera to take a photo. Do not take photos of the wrong people. You have to take 3 correct photos to complete the game.

It’s the famous Habbo icons Frank and Bonnie! Or is it? They look strange. Help them search the theatre for their clothing items (in a secret specific order) so they can begin their meet and greet on the stage. Step on the clothing items to collect them. If they come out to the stage, it is your change to walk up and take the teleport.

To become a top Habbo builder, you must make your way across the roller maze (stepping on the circle tiles) to begin building with the blocks. After the roller maze, make sure you stay on the blocks and make your way to the elevator in the middle of the room.

Bron: Puhekupla.com

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