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We arrived in 2020. Like every new year, we get a new cycle of plans and goals for many people. However, before we move on, it is necessary to consider what has happened in the previous cycle, because then we can determine better next strategies. For Habbo, it’s no different. So, Puhekupla and partner fansites again have the Habbo Statistics.

Criteria for data collection

We used the time zone of each hotel to find the first and last records of its respective community. Note that Habbo uses two time zones: the Greenwich Mean Time and the local time zone for each hotel. For this reason you will notice that there is a divergence of dates inside and outside the Hotel. Click here to see an example.

For this analysis were considered all records of the year: this includes banned and fake users, rooms and excluded groups. If it existed at some point, it was accounted for. It is unfeasible to know who and how many users are banned or excluded groups and rooms, for example. Moreover, this is irrelevant to the analysis and does not interfere with the final results.


Habbo is also big data. Among so many records about the game, you can extract a lot of interesting information in further work. Here we will offer an overview of each hotel’s activities this past year. More detailed information about your community can be found on local fansites.


Habbo continues to grow, but at a slow pace. 3,887,577 new players arrived in 2019, a 8.9% reduction over the previous year. While some older players stop accessing Habbo for a variety of reasons, new players arrive. Thus, if there are fewer players registering, fewer active players will be. HotelTotalOscillation (%)

Habbo.fr was the only hotel to register a growth in total users, contrary to what has been registered for a few years in all hotels. We can say that the fall in rates, in general, was milder than last year.

f you are a loyal Habbo player, you have probably at some point noticed numerous newly registered characters with random names, parked outside the bedroom, with no activity. Many of these accounts are generated through programs that manipulate Habbo codes by the players themselves. Most of the time, for the purpose of crowding rooms and gaining relevance in the game navigator. On some occasions, thousands of these characters joined Habbo at the same time!


As the number of active players decreases, so do catalog purchases. Such effect was observed for Habbo Groups. We counted 69,793 new groups created in 2019, a 12.79% reduction in total purchases.

However, the reduction of active users in the game cannot be considered as the only and main factor for this fact. Offering other items that add more value to users can influence their priority when choosing where to spend their coins. At the same time, Sulake still requires players to be members of Habbo Club to buy a group, which doesn’t make much sense anymore, since other Habbo Club independent advantages have emerged, such as buyable clothes and the Builders Club. HotelTotalOscillation (%)

Since each group sells for 10 credits, players spend 697,930 credits worldwide. In addition, for each group it is possible to buy a forum and various furniture. However it is not possible to analyze this data.


In 2019 we saw 4,704,918 new rooms appearing in all hotels, 18.73% less than the previous year. The creation of new rooms is a direct consequence of new users coming to the game, as with each new registration, a new pre-decorated room comes up. But it can also indicate fewer active players in the hotel. HotelTotalOscillation (%)

imited Edition Rares

This type of furniture is available for a limited time and quantity and has a unique registration number for each unit sold. Habbo still assures us that they will never be sold again. Often offered for high values, the LTD rares generate controversy when offered for sale, but it is a strategy that Sulake still seems to bet on.

During the past year, 6 new LTD rares have arrived on the Shop. Especially for Habbo France and the Netherlands, there was an extra rare due to legal issues. Other curiosities you see below:

Habbo.com again imposes itself as the best buyers, while Habbo Italy took the worst position – this was the only hotel where sales rates dropped.

The total number of items made available this year increased by 32.88%, that is, there were 1,989 more units than in 2019. Players in turn responded by buying more and sales performance rose from 52.97% in 2018 to 67.41% in 2019. This was the best balance of the last two years.

Global Sales

Best Selling The Rainbow Parasol reached 92.77% of sales!

abbo Club Payday

onthly, on the 15th, cashback for Habbo Club members takes place. Habbo returns 10% of the amount spent on the Shop to users and this injects thousands of credits into the pockets of hundreds of users at all hotels. Through Twitter, Habbo make us know some information about this amount paid.

According to Habbo, in 2019 players received back 9,144,022 credits worldwide. The highlight is for the month of December, with an increase of 25%. This was the second best December ever (just behind 2017 when 1,073,800 credits were paid).

Below, the amounts paid month to month compared to the previous year.MonthCreditsOscillation (%)January758,201-11.83February661,506-2.75March630,897-8.05April844,390+2.28May711,003+7.60June716,788-5.43July883,003+5.97August736,247-21.50September781,680-8.90October705,491+14.13November748,514-1.93December966,302+25.62

Among other curiosities, the biggest single user payment of the year occurred in July, with 2,372 credits paid. Again in September, a single player also received this same amount.


Much of the entertainment in Habbo is generated by the players themselves. Games, mazes, competitions and many others are activities developed exclusively by players most of the time. So if there are more active players, then there is more entertainment in the game. If there are fewer active players, soon there will be less entertainment.

However, it is not enough just to wait for players to make Habbo a more fun space. The Habbo Team has a key role in boosting the animation of its users. So we also looked at some of the things they did in 2019.

ublished News

While Habbo uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for instant communication, the game’s own website remains the most efficient tool for keeping your community informed of the latest news and official competitions.

In 2019, the Habbo Team posted 2,132 news on 9 Habbo sites. Most in French, with 559 publications – that’s 26% of the total. Quite different from Habbo Turkey, where less than 70 news were posted there.

In the table below you can check more details of each hotel. HotelTotalOscillation (%)

Much of the news we read is actually written by the users themselves, such as ambassadors, fansite members and room builders. But it is up to the local staff to publish the news as well as review and coordinate all this work. Other news, no text, but just a link redirecting the user to the Habbo Shop or room.

* Due to the difficulties in getting the news published on Habbo.fr between January 1, 2018 and January 27, 2018, this number has been approximated.


Certainly badges are the items of greatest desire among the users. For some, a unique badge is worth more than any furniture. We also seek to understand what Habbo is doing about it.

There are currently about 19,000 badges hosted on Sulake’s server – and we’ve reviewed it all! Counting them is not an easy job as this number increases every week. However we were able to find out that 1,182 new badges were hosted last year. This number refers only to new and known badges, meaning there may be hidden badges on the server that no fansite has yet found.MonthBadges hostedOscillation (%)January93-25.6February86-37.68March146+31.53April94-14.54May104+6.12June109-33.53July68-28.42August87-19.44September81+9.45October106-2.75November107-16.4December101+21.68

In the month-to-month analysis, there is a 11.98% drop in total new hosted badges. This does not necessarily mean that there are fewer badges being distributed at Habbo competitions, as it is common to reuse old badges not used to reward users at events. However, we do not have enough information to make an accurate analysis of this. Please note that this review only refers to known badges in Habbo and not how they are used in your community.

First badges

hese code badges FR91A, FR92A, FR93A, FR94A and FR95A were the first of the year to be hosted on the server at the same time on January 2, at 15:18:17 (GMT). Other badges were hosted later that day.

Latest badges

n December 30, at 19:17:57 (GMT) was hosted the last badge of the year, code X1925.

e don’t know what to come in 2020, but Sulake promises to be a year of big news. The 2019 balance tells us that there is still a large community of loyal players waiting for upcoming Habbo projects. By 2020, we’ll see how the community will react to this. But by then, fansites, including Puhekupla, will do a hard job of maintaining it.

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If you would also like to share the infographics on your fansite, blog or social network, you can find them in our Google Drive folder.

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