HHD & HabboHelpers first phase of the global helpers project!

Bikerbabe3 (owner [HHD] Habbo Help Desk) & .:RC-Boy:.. (Owner HabboHelpers.com) have been lately a great chit-chat and some brainstorming about our future plans to create a more valuable Helpers Program for those who have a passion to help Habbo’s and the community we all love and enjoy. We aim to bring this project to all of the 9 hotels.

You may consider this as the first phase of the globally Helpers project – Our mission as global Habbo fansite: HabboHelpers.com is always to reach out to the people who love to help and those who need the help in-game at Habbo Hotel.

As of today, we are extending our mission to reach even more people with the amazing partnership from [HHD] Habbo Help Desk!

First phase test

Our first phase will start at http://www.habbo.com, after some several testing and reviewing we are about to roll this project to other local Habbo hotels! Keep your eyes open on our Twitter, Instagram & website for any updates 🙂

How are we going to start this concept?

Our plan is to choose 1/2 managers per hotel (Either 9 or 18 general managers in total) who will be responsible for their own team at their local hotel. My own Fansite Habbo Helpers will be getting involved to help with the rollout of this project and make this a success.

How are the teams from each hotel going to communicate with each other

Managers need to be able to communicate with ease and smoothly, at the moment we are thinking about using Discrd, however, we may be open to other suggestions.

Levels / Teams / Departments in HHD project:

We aim to put into place a helping levels structure, for example:

[HHD] Helpers Team: Habbo’s who are able to commit some of their partial time helping other Habbo’s – These helpers may of only just started on their helping journey but aim to make a difference – these helpers will be eligible for a promotion depending on time and experience. (possibly this group is open to ALL Habbo’s in the hotel – no need to request the badge? (we might not sure about this)

[HHD] MH Team (Master Helpers): Highly knowledgeable Habbo Helpers who commit a large amount of their time in the hotel helping other Habbos. (Request a badge) – Space for promotion if a manager leaves or drops down.

[HHD] GM Team (General Managers): 2 Managers who will run the desk and oversee any promotions within the team and are able to make decisions going forward in the best interest of the Help Desk. (Management only team badge)


If you feel you got any other ideas or feedback on what we have planned as we would love to make this a huge success and get Habbo back into helping others! Please let us know your feedback or suggestions, ALL will be taken into consideration! 🙂

Shout-out to Bikerbabe3 for setting up this news article.

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