International Childhood Cancer Day!

Hello, friend of Habbo!

As everyone knows, and if this is not the case, we will comment on it, in February the World Child Cancer Day is celebrated (15 / FEB). We know that Habbo is focused on young users and teenagers, the ideal age to promote volunteering, which can cause a great help in our society, for example, going to visit children at hospitals and, simply, play with them, so that your stay in the hospital is the best possible.

We are pleased to invite you to join the #HabboDorado campaign with which we intend to bring the entire Habbo Hotel Spain community as mentioned above: information and awareness, in this case, regarding Childhood Cancer.

You can join the #HabboDorado campaign in any way that you consider timely or efficient, no matter how small or large we may be, we will be grateful. In case you need an idea, we would recommend any or all of these:

– Place a golden detail in their respective social media profiles.

– Use the hashtag #HabboDorado

– Inform and disseminate information on this topic and the importance of treating it in time.

– Dress with some golden garment inside Habbo.

– Give messages of hope and strength for all those children who struggle with this disease every day.

– Use the badges or badges that the websites or Habbo have given with this theme.

The campaign #HabboDorado is thought and designed for all users, fansites, and hotels, without any exclusion, because the goal is NOT the advertising or growth of any particular website or site, but the dissemination of information, the more Far away, more people will be able to know this disease!

In addition, we also extend the invitation to participate with us on February 15 (world day against childhood cancer) from 22:00 hours (HPE) in the public room of the hotel “Receiver” in a concentration # HabboDorado in support of the cause.

We send you a hug!

Happy and profitable day.   ️

Note: (images you can use)

H/T: Our Fansitefriend: HabboTemplarios

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