Interview with Sulake Management about Sulake (And Habbo2020)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

1. What can we expect from Habbo in 2021?

We are very, very excited about Habbo's

2021 and beyond. Our players in the community should be too! By 2021, brand new features we KNOW our community will enjoy are on the way. (Let us inform: recycling will come back!) (Furni-Matic)

Besides, we are EXTREMELY excited that the Unity interface will work on mobile devices just like desktop devices. The double platform feature will be a huge improvement for our game. We expect this feature to be ready in early 2021.

The most important thing to know first is that our community can expect a game that is regularly updated and added. Our community can expect a much

bigger, more comprehensive Habbo, with new updates and features added on an ongoing basis. While we can't share certain things yet, we are confident that the modernized version of Habbo and the substantially completed dual-platform experience will put Habbo in a better position than ever on all platforms.

2. Habbo, although Sulake has invested in attracting new players; has an active and experienced player base that often opposes major changes, strongly influencing fan pages, official projects and social networks with this attitude. What is Sulake doing against this problem?

We aim to satisfy all our players, regardless of whether they are current or new. We aim to further improve the current Habbo experience by introducing new features and making changes to existing ones, making Habbo competitive with modern games and as a result making our game more interesting for the next generation of players. Although some people like the changes and some do not, unfortunately, it is not possible to please everyone.

However, we take into account the feedback of our community and when we introduce or change a new feature, we act accordingly if it is not enjoyed by the majority of users. This is happening now with BETA and we hope our users to know that we are not content with listening to the feedback/opinions of our community and that we act accordingly. We believe we can find a middle ground between the needs of our current community and our goal of securing Habbo's long-term future.

3. Habbo has been hiding in the media for the past few years: there is no longer any advertising on TV or on the Internet. Could this change with the new version?

This question is more about what Sulake spends its marketing budget, and unfortunately,

we do not post or comment on our corporate choices in this area.

4. Boxes of chance, Habbo is a controversial topic both in and out of the game. Statements are published not only by actors but also by medical and child protection organizations. What can you say about this topic?

The majority of Habbo users (70%) are over 18 years old. In Habbo, although there are items with very different possibilities to obtain, we are careful to comply with the rules and regulations of each country where our players are located. That is why we offer certain items for sale in our French and Dutch speaking hotels one by one.

We are also very open to the likelihood that each item will be available for Habbos playing in countries where such boxes are allowed to be sold. Many toy companies sell toys with random items - a popular and common feature that we will keep in Habbo until the laws change.

5. When did Sulake start working on Habbo's new version? Some players are of the opinion that the game started late due to the lack of trade, one of the main features of the game.

We started working on the new interface in 2019. Like other games, we've had some hitches and lags. It turns out that rebuilding a 20-year-old, rich and complex game is more difficult than anticipated. However, we are happy to be at a stage where Habbo has a playable version before the end of Flash support at the end of the year.

It's also important to remember that the trade-off feature isn't going anywhere: Habbo will only work differently in 2020.

6. Will the new version of Habbo prevent retro (fake hotels) from accessing the game's codes?

It is a priority for us to prevent our products from being shared and/or stolen and we want to prevent this. As we bring the Unity interface even more satisfactory next year, preventing product theft will be one of our focus areas.

7. Which Azerion companies has Sulake collaborated with?

All Azerion companies share ideas, strategies and successful methods. As there are other social games in Azerion, this contributes to us continuously. Even companies that do not necessarily resemble Sulake's work.

8. Finally, what message would you like to leave the players?

We thank the community members for their support and for sharing constructive feedback since BETA's inception. We also hope that we listened to them and saw that while we were unable to make every change they wanted, we made certain significant changes through direct user feedback. We also want patience from our users - making changes can sometimes take time

As we listen to the community's concerns and concerns about changing certain characteristics, we are sure that Habbos will understand that we are trying to find a middle ground between community needs and the long-term durability of the game. We need these changes to develop a modern, competitive and financially consistent product.

We would like to thank bektaş55 from a Turkish official fansite; Habbolar and Leotoddy from the fansite Puhekupla. Also thanks to Habbo Staff Istanbul & Sulake Management for giving this interview about Sulake and the current status of Habbo2020.

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