March – Codes

landing.view.mar19boots.body=Boots with steel toe caps: perfect for the rowdier sorts of concerts! These boots are rare and will never be sold again. Get a pair while you can! landing.view.mar19boots.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19boots.header=RARE Rocker Boots!

[“clothing_r19_scuffedboots”,”Rocker Boots”,””]

landing.view.mar19car.body=Attention all Bonnie Blonde fans! Bonnie’s very own car is available in the Catalogue for a limited time as a rare furni. Go check it out! landing.view.mar19car.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19car.header=RARE Bonnie Blonde Mobile!

[“rare_r19_car1″,”The Bonnie Blonde Mobile”,””]

landing.view.mar19cloth.body=Four brand new clothing items have just been added to the Catalogue as part of a wardrobe refresh. Make sure you go check them out! landing.view.mar19cloth.button=See the clothing! landing.view.mar19cloth.header=NEW: Wardrobe Refresh!

[“clothing_topbuttonshirt”,”Top Buttoned Shirt”,””] [“clothing_highfade”,”High Fade”,””] [“clothing_rippedjeans2″,”Frayed Jeans”,””] [“clothing_messycurls”,”Long Messy Curls”,””]

landing.view.mar19hat.body=This rare piece of headgear is fantastic. Just be careful of your fingers on those horns – they’re pretty sharp! landing.view.mar19hat.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19hat.header=RARE Horned Cap!

[“clothing_r19_punkhat”,”Horned Cap”,””]

landing.view.mar19long.body=Two tones AND shoulder length. Rare and available for a limited time only! Note: this hairstyle is unisex. landing.view.mar19long.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19long.header=RARE Two-Tone Curls Hairstyle!

[“clothing_r19_longtwotone”,”Two-Tone Curls”,””]

landing.view.mar19messy.body=One of 2018’s standout hairstyles, now available as a rare item inside Habbo. Note: this hairstyle is unisex. landing.view.mar19messy.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19messy.header=RARE Messy Bang Hairstyle!

[“clothing_r19_messybangs”,”Messy Bangs”,””]

landing.view.mar19new.body=Everything you need to start your own basement band is right here. Three collectible ‘Basement Band’ instruments are available in the Catalogue NOW! landing.view.mar19new.button=See the furni! landing.view.mar19new.header=NEW Basement Band Kit!

[“band_c19_drums”,”Basement Band Drum Kit”,””] [“band_c19_guitar”,”Basement Band Guitar”,””] [“band_c19_synth”,”Basement Band Synth”,””]

landing.view.mar19parasol.body=Here’s a rare for the collectors out there! This parasol won’t be available for long, Habbos. Get one while you can! landing.view.mar19parasol.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19parasol.header=RARE Rose Pink Parasol!

[“rare_colourable_parasol_4″,”Rose Pink Parasol”,””]

landing.view.mar19smoke.body=Here’s a rare for the collectors out there! This smoke machine won’t be available for long, Habbos. Get one while you can! landing.view.mar19smoke.button=See the rare! landing.view.mar19smoke.header=RARE Rose Pink Smoke Machine!

[“rare_colourable_scifirocket_4″,”Rose Pink Smoke Machine”,””]


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