TOP 5 things YOU should do when you creating a Habbo acocunt.

So you have finally decide to enter the biggest virtual world for teenagers (well If it’s Habbo no, its for adults too ofcourse)

But remember, Habbo has his terms and rules based on their audience (13 – 18 years) So before you create one go and read –>

Okay, done reading it all? — If you have still questions.. No worries, you can contact us always. So here is TOP 5 things you should do when you a creating a Habbo account.

NUMBER ONE! okay joking..

number 1:

Make sure you are creating a habbo account with a gaming email. So what we mean.. don’t use your private email. Simply create a email based on your name, activity, what you like.. So for example: (Like that)

Simple as that!

number 2:

So you wanted to create a secure habbo account? No worries you can use and turn the Account Safety Lock on, just simply click here:

 So what does the Account Safety Lock exactly do? The Safety Lock protects your account from unauthorized access. Once you’ve enabled it, the main features on your account are blocked for anyone trying to log on from a location other than your normal  IP address. So e.g if you normally live in Brooklyn and have enabled your Safety Lock there, then spend a week with relatives in the Philippines,  or even just across the river in New Jersey, you will not be able to trade, purchase from the catalogue or change your password until you have answered the safety questions and so unlocked those features on your account.

So when you say my account is safety-locked, does that mean no one can access anything on there? Your account can still be accessed with the right email and password combination, however, all main features are disabled. All critical items will be disabled until you or whoever is trying to gain access to the account has correctly answered the safety questions. Features that are disabled when the account is safety-locked are:

  1. Adding or removing credentials

  2. Changing passwords

  3. Changing email

  4. Linking and adding accounts to identity

  5. Trading and using marketplace

  6. Purchasing from catalogue

  7. Dropping furniture to group room

  8. Deleting rooms

Number 3:

When you are creating a account, you are able to select your date of birth, username & your email. Don’t forget your IP address too. Write it down somewhere when you need it.. In this case when you need help from the Habbo Customer Support, you can directly identify that YOU are the account owner. (1/10 users got hacked, and didn’t know the answers of the questions)

Make sure you are up-to-date with your Habbo information and what you are doing on the platform.

Number 4:

Think before you act.. there are people in habbo with the purpose to hack you, and your dedicated credits, furni and your reputation. Make sure you are prepare on safety/security. There are ambassadors in hotel that doing monthly events about Safety & Security. Also read this:

And than finally number 5, the last but not least!

Use a unique password, although you have turned your Safety lock (You did that right?) But you always have to got a strong,long, different and difficult password. Our golden tip.. Use a password manager that you can use on your phone,tablet & pc.

And make sure you turned on a 2-FA on your password manager. (You always have to do that on many accounts you own)

Do YOU think we are missing a top / tip.. Comment below. Also be free to share this with your upcoming habbo friends or/and social media!

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