Worldwide Journey against Sexual Violence!

Worldwide Journey against Sexual Violence

Yes, the world is no longer the same. We had to reframe the concept of staying safe. Passwords came, then antivirus, security questions were invented, and also restrict access by unknown IPs began. Each day that passes by, a new method of “security” is invented, and another one is discarded because it has been proved to be useless.

But how would a safe world be like? In reality? Would a safe world have the best protection tools? No. A safe world would be an environment without the presence of malicious people who are responsible for causing disorder and harassment on the Internet. Responsible for leaving the environment unsafe. However, this reality is difficult to be achieved …

Security at Habbo HotelWe’re part of a virtual community of teens and young people, so we must be aware: we are dealing with people. Humans. Behind each pixelated avatar, there is a human being with its specificities, individualities and characteristics. Always assume that you know nothing about who is behind the computer screen. Because it’s true, you really don’t know. The Habbo Universe is a favourable environment for you to make and develop your own character to your liking and therefore, more than ever, we must BE VERY CAREFUL!

Unfortunately, our game is the target of the most dangerous calamities on the Internet. We can list here for you several problems that we were able to identify over 24 hours of gameplay, but that is not the purpose of the news. The fact is that, yes, there are security-related issues and they always have been, and now with automated moderation, it’s even more difficult to deal with.

Perhaps one of the main problems is the solicitation of minors, which unfortunately occurs within the game. Individuals who use the platform Habbo Hotel to establish a trusting relationship with children and adolescents in order to abuse or exploit their sexuality. Yes, that reality is shocking and sad, but it exists. That’s why HabboColor is joining the global fan site HabboHelpers and the official fan sites Fuusio (Finland), HabView (Germany), HabboMix (Netherlands), HabboLifeForum (Italy) and HabboLoji (Turkey), for the launch of a WORLDWIDE JOURNEY AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE TOWARDS CHILDREN AND TEENS ON THE INTERNET.

How will it work?As this is a delicate subject, but of paramount importance, HabboColor will sign the campaign in partnership with the entities that coordinate the campaign Faça Bonito, a movement with more than 20 years of mobilization around the protection of the rights of children and adolescents, including the organization with actions related to the National Day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation against Children and Adolescents.

About May 18thThe 18th of May – “National Day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents”, instituted by the Brazilian Federal Law 9.970/00, is an achievement that marks the struggle for the Human Rights of Children and Adolescents in Brazilian territory.

In memory of Araceli

This day was chosen because on May 18, 1973, in the city of Vitória (ES), a barbaric crime shocked the whole country and became known as the “Araceli Case”. That was the name of a girl, with just eight years old, who had all her human rights violated. She was kidnapped, raped and killed by upper-middle-class youngsters in that city. The crime, despite its hideous nature, remains unpunished until today. May 18 was assumed as a joint mobilization date in 1998 when about 80 public and private entities met in Bahia for the 1st ECPAT Meeting in Brazil. The meeting brought together entities from all over the country. It was on this occasion that the idea of creating a National Day to Combat Sexual Abuse and Exploitation against Children and Adolescents arose. Thus, the then federal deputy Rita Camata – president of the Parliamentary Front for Children and Adolescents of the National Congress, proposed the bill that was sanctioned in May 2000. Since then, civil society in defence of the rights of children and adolescents has promoted activities across the country to make society and authorities aware of the seriousness of sexual violence.

Symbology of the CampaignThe slogan “Faça Bonito – Protect our Children and Adolescents” emerged during the 3rd World Congress to Combat the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, held between 25th and 28th of November of 2008, in Rio de Janeiro. In one of the preparatory activities with teenagers, it was said “Hey, your words are beautiful, you speak very beautifully, but don’t do anything. It’s time for you to do it beautifully”. In the following year, the May 18th campaign would be thematic and inspired by the phrase that wants to call society to assume the responsibility of preventing and facing the problem of sexual violence against children and adolescents in Brazil.

The National Day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents keeps the national memory alive, reaffirming the responsibility of the Brazilian society in guaranteeing the rights of all her Aracelis.

Therefore, the flower, more than ever, will be the icon of the campaign that will take place inside Habbo Hotel.

[Text extracted from Faça Bonito]

Faça Bonito Campaign is carried out and coordinated by:The Faça Bonito Campaign is coordinated by the Comitê Nacional de Enfrentamento à Violência Sexual Contra Crianças e Adolescentes (National Committee to Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents), a national body representing society, public authorities and international cooperation, to monitor the implementation of the Plano Nacional de Enfrentamento à Violência Sexual Infanto-Juvenil (National Plan to Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Youth) and the Rede ECPAT Brasil, a coalition of civil society organizations working to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, comprising its four dimensions: prostitution, pornography, trafficking and tourism for the purpose of sexual exploitation, present in several countries.

But, after all, what do we hope to accomplish within the community?Throughout the week of July 13th to 16th 2020, HabboColor intends to publish articles on security and data protection. For more than that, we want to bring to the fan site a broad discussion about sexual exploitation and abuse against children and adolescents that occurs within our community.

We intend to invite Ambassadors and Fan Sites, mobilizing our game for the cause, in addition to bringing these giant entities into the dialogue.

HabboColor will also promote security games within the community, in addition to tournaments and other surprises in the HabboColor Security campaign. It has also created a specific tab for this campaign at

Written by: “x@=camile=@x” (Habbo PT/BR)

The campaign will count with the help of international fansites’ help and translation of the articles.

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